About The Temple

     Temple Tifereth Israel of Winthrop is an unaffiliated Jewish congregation, whose services and practices nominally follow the Conservative tradition. We provide a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for our congregants and visitors. The Congregation is committed to preserving Jewish values and traditions.
     The Temple is located just north of Boston and is adjacent to East Boston, Logan Airport, Revere, and Chelsea. Winthrop has a population of approximately 20,000, is largely residential and is a peninsula with the Atlantic Ocean to the East and Boston Harbor to the West.
     Public transportation provides convenient low cost access to Boston, while road access to Boston, points west and south is provided by 3 tunnels below Boston Harbor. Points north of Boston, including New Hampshire and Maine, are easily reached by highways adjacent to Winthrop.

Officers & Clergy

PRESIDENT: Sandra (Goldstein) Pellegrino
VICE PRESIDENTS: Dana Stone, Steven Miller

The High Holy Days are Here

      As the the High Holy Days fast approach, please remember to finish the old year with all obligations fulfilled and to start the new year with a clean slate. In doing so, please pay your Temple dues for the coming year, reserve your seats for the High Holy Days and consider increasing your Yizkor and other donations to the Temple over what you pledged the previous year. Also, please pay any outstanding bills from previous years.

      Remember that your dues are used to keep the Temple's doors open and to provide a vibrant Jewish presence in our town of Winthrop. We once again remind you that Temple dues have not been increased in recent memory while the operating costs of the Temple continue to go up. Everything you buy has gone up in price - everything that is, except your temple dues. Think about what you spend each week on coffee or restaurants and compare those costs with your Temple dues. We all are getting a bargain!

      To make up for the difference between what your dues are today versus what your dues would be if they had been increased every year at the same rate as the cost of living, please consider making up the difference with an extra-generous donation this year. This is our Temple. Let's support it accordingly.



On Sunday, 10 September 2017, at 10:00 am, Temple Tifereth Israel will be visited by Susan Horwritz. Susan was a long-time resident of Boston and worked at Boston Gas before moving to Israel. She is co-director of CAARI – Canadian and American Active Retirees in Israel.

The CAARI program is a unique and special program that combines, touring, community service, a speakers’ program and the opportunity to meet and interact with many different Israelis. The CAARI program runs 7-weeks in total, but participants can choose 2- to 7-week portions of the program to suit their interests

Susan will describe the CAARI program in detail, discuss Israel, and answer any questions. Temple members, Clare and Burton Figler, have participated in the CAARI program for several years and can attest to the program's excellence.

The CAARI program is much more than a regular tour program. The program captures the spirit of life in Israel – from volunteering in the community, to visiting historic and off the ‘beaten path’ sites, museums, JNF projects to hearing from leading journalists, IDF soldiers, academics and community leaders, as well as ‘living’ in Israel as an Israeli. The CAARI 2018 Program begins on January 11 and runs through March 1 with 2 – 7 week options or a choice of any two weeks.

The community service portion of the Program takes place in Tel Aviv (January 18 – February 15) and involves work side by side with Israelis in schools, hospitals, community agencies, JNF forests and with the Botanical Gardens on the campus of Tel Aviv University.

Touring will be to: Beit Ruth in Afula, Darna School for children at risk, artists in Golan and an artist workshop in Ein Hod, Tefen Industrial Park and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, a boat ride on the Kinneret, a schooner cruise on the Red Sea, Timna Park's amazing geological formations, the Knesset, meeting with IDF soldiers, an archeology dig, and a visit to the City of David.

Highlights from our Speakers’ Forum will include: IDF representative, academics, archeologists, government officials, economic experts and journalists.

All are invited to come to Tifereth Israel to meet Susan and to find out about Israel and the CAARI program.

1 September 2017

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